Prophecy given by Jerry Savelle at the opening of our very first facility in Miami on the Gold Coast in 2006.


With God’s Name stamped upon this house and with His eyes upon this house
And with His heart toward this house and with it being a house of prayer
Then that tells me that this place will surely be –

  • A house of power
  • A house of the miraculous
  • A house of signs and wonders.

I believe people will be delivered and set free when they set foot in this place.
I believe the anointing will flow unhindered in this place and it will remove burdens and it will destroy yokes.
I believe lives will be changed and people will surely say that if you are looking for God,
go to that place, go to that house. You will surely find God at HFCC.

This house will be –

  • A lighthouse for those who are in darkness.
  • A shelter for those who are downtrodden.
  • A place of peace for those who are tormented and troubled.
  • A training camp for those who want to be winners in the game of life.

Pastors Ian and Diane,
I charge you to determine, and I know that you already have, but I say it for the benefit of the people.
I charge you to determine that you will keep your personal lives pure.
You keep this ministry pure.
I charge you to preach the Word, to be instant in season and out—not tradition, not the doctrines of men —it’s the Word.
It’s the Word that will change people’s lives.
It’s the Word that sets people free and it’s important that you keep your lives pure and this ministry pure
because the Spirit of God said to me today in prayer,
“Your influence shall be great in this nation”.
And we need no blemishes. We need no blemishes at this stage of the game so to speak, for where God has you headed.
You need to be reputable. You need to be clean. You need to be upright.
You need to be righteous because many are going to have their eyes upon you.
So I charge you once again to keep it pure.

My wife and I have endeavoured for 37 years of ministry to keep our lives pure, our ministry pure.
There has never been a scandal. There’s never been an investigation of how we handle the finances.
We’re clean and we intend to keep it clean and every year in January I stand before my staff in America
and I vow to them, once again that I will not disappoint you.
I will keep my life pure and clean before you and I vow that the ministry will be clean.
So it’s important because God has big plans. Give satan no place and
strive to represent God with excellence in everything you do, and at all times.

I heard the Spirit of God say as I was praying today that as we dedicate this place to the Lord that a statement shall be made in the spirit and all the forces of darkness shall know this place is sanctified, meaning off limits to them.

Hallelujah. They’ll not manifest themselves here. They do not have a right here and we shall give them no place.

  • This place shall stand for righteousness.
  • It shall stand for uprightness.
  • It shall stand for holiness.
  • It shall stand for godliness.

And I heard the Spirit of God say heaven now applauds each and every member of this congregation who has demonstrated faithfulness; who has demonstrated willingness to sacrifice, tireless effort. Heaven applauds you for your faithfulness and charges you to continue to stand fast and continue to reach out and go forward with your faith because this is just the beginning. What you’ve demonstrated to God is you’ve got what it takes to grow, hallelujah, and God intends to keep you growing.

[Prayer for Ian and Diane]

I am believing that at this moment there will be anew grace upon them and a fresh anointing. New endowments and new enduements from the Holy Spirit to fulfill what God has called you to do in this nation. So Father we set ourselves in agreement for all of these things in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

Jesus You said that if any 2 of us shall agree on earth as touching anything we ask it shall be done for us and You go on to say that You are in midst, the Great I Am is in our midst to carry out this agreement.

So we believe right now for this fresh anointing, for these endowments and enduements from the Holy Spirit. We thank you for a special grace, increased favour coming upon them right now to fulfil and to carry out that which You’ve called them to do in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

And we thank You for it.

– Jerry Savelle, 2006